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Announcing Sourdough September

This #SourdoughSeptember fermentalists of the world will unite to help everyone discover that life’s sweeter with sourdough!

The aim of the Real Bread Campaign’s annual month of feasts, baking classes and other sourdough shenanigans is sharing the delicious delights of the oldest – and many would say the best - way of leavening a loaf.

Your mother should dough
Sourdough is a culture of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria that occur naturally on cereal grains, which expert Real Bread bakers nurture to create a leaven. Alternatively known by many other names, including starter or mother, this culture is used – without added baker’s yeast or any artificial additives – to make genuine sourdough bread.

Gourmet gateways

Two fantastic ways for people to fall in love with sourdough are when it’s made into toast or used as a pizza base.

That’s why this year the Real Bread Campaign is also encouraging its supporters, friends and other leaven lovers to hold sourdough toast and tea mornings, sourdough pizza evenings or make naked pizzas to show off the unadorned glory of their brilliant bases.

Other events already on the calendar include: The Artisan Bakery School’s Croatian Bake-ation on the island of Korcula, Hobbs House Bakery’s #KingOfTheSourdough final; and a rye and heritage grains bread course at The School of Artisan Food.  Many more will be added much closer to (and during) the month.

An Honest Crust

After years of hard work, people are starting to understand that well-made, genuine sourdough is something special, requires extra time and skill to craft, tastes delicious and might have health benefits. Slowly, shoppers are becoming more willing to pay an honest price for an honest crust.

The Real Bread Campaign continues to fight for legislation to protect shoppers from being misled and charged a premium from sourfaux, loaves sold as sourdough that really aren’t.

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Published 5 Jul 2016

Real Bread Campaign: The Real Bread Campaign finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet. Whether your interest is local food, community-focussed small enterprises, honest labelling, therapeutic baking, or simply tasty toast, everyone is invited to become a Campaign supporter.

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Tell Boris no #ChildHealthUTurn

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