First ‘Eel of the 20’s is out now

Thanks to all the good foodies in the latest Jellied Eel, we’ve been dancing into the 20’s with a smile on our faces.


Published: 6 Feb 2020

We’ve got some new good food news, new stockists and new London Food Link supporters, who will get the latest print edition straight to their door. The latest ‘Eel is stuffed with good food issues, read on to find out about what’s on the menu this season:

  • Learn about the Urban Food Award winners tackling climate change in the capital
  • London’s good food election
  • Find out about the community gardens connecting with older people
  • Read about the inspirational woman who created a community cafe
  • Tom Hunt our resident chef’s recipe for People and Planet
  • How Forty Hall Vineyard are using wine to fund therapy
  • Good Food review of London’s new pre-industrial eatery, Silo
  • We head North of the border to, Sustainable Food City, Glasgow
  • The latest eateries on the ‘Eels radar



To say thank you to London Food Link supporters for helping us produce and print the magazine, we post each issue straight to your door.

If you don’t support us already then it’s not too late to get the latest issue. Just one of the many benefits of joining the London Food Link network.

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