Rothamsted Research plan new GM crop trial in open fields

GM Freeze ask for help to challenge this trial of modified oilseed rape seeds.

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Rothamsted Research have applied for permission to plant GM Camelina Sativa at their farm in Hertfordshire.

The seed oil from this crop has been modified to accumulate EPA and DHA, the fatty acids found in omega-3 fish oils. Rothamsted Research hope for the trial of this oilseed to start later this year and end by 2020. 

GM Freeze, who are a member of Sustain, have consistently led opposition to open air field trials in the UK. The consultation period for this trial ends on 8 April 2018. GM Freeze are concerned that without a co-ordinated campaign this trial will go ahead unchallenged.

If you would like the opportunity to join a multi-agency response led by GM Freeze, contact to find out more.


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