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Additive-free factory loaves launched.

Real Bread all wrapped up. Credit: Canva / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Real Bread all wrapped up. Credit: Canva / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Today, the Real Bread Campaign announces that non-UPF wrapped, sliced loaves will soon be hitting UK supermarket and corner shop shelves. It will make Real Bread available and affordable to virtually the entire nation

The new, mass-produced Real Bread is made with just flour, water, yeast and salt. Unlike most other plant bakery loaves (and many commercially-manufactured flatbreads, bagels, burger buns and so on), it contains none of the substances that puts them into the Nova category 4: ultra processed food.  

The best thing since at least 1961 (when the situation took a nosedive following the introduction of the Chorleywood Process), Real Bread contains no synthetic emulsifiers, artificial preservatives, soya flour, palm oil, undeclared ‘processing aids’ or any other additives and far-from-natural substances. 

The revival of the additive-free factory loaf is the result of a top secret collaboration between expert bakers in the Campaign’s network and manufacturers of some of the UK’s best-known baked product brands.  

Campaign co-ordinator Chris Young said: ‘This is a great day for bread buyers of Britian and beyond! It took a long time for us to convince the companies to return to making loaves without any of the additives and modified substances they’ve been using for decades.’  

He added: ‘Perhaps harder was getting them to admit the only reason they use them is to squeeze out more profit for their shareholders.’  

Talks are still underway to encourage supermarket in-store bakeries, and some high street ‘craft’ bakeries, to follow suit.

UPDATE 2 April 2024
Check the date of the original post. Sadly, it's additive-laden business as usual for most industrial loaf fabricators. Our charity continues to champion Real Bread and the people who make it, while challenging obstacles to their rise. You can support our work by joining the Campaign.

Published Monday 1 April 2024

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