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Antimicrobial resistance still alarmingly high

Bacteria found in humans, animals and food continue to show resistance to widely used antimicrobials, says the latest report from Europe's scientific authorities, leading to about 25,000 deaths in the EU every year.

24/02/2017   Sustain

Nestle to reduce sugar in confectionery by 5%

Admitting that the food industry's performance so far on child obesity has been misdirected, Nestle has said it will remove 18,000 tones of sugar from its European products by 2020, equivalent to a 5% reduction from current levels.

24/02/2017   Sustain

How Big Food and Drink make use of sport

The Healthy Stadia organisation aims to turn sports arenas into healthy eating hubs -- and in doing so it shines a light on how food companies have hijacked sport to promote unhealthy eating. The annual conference will take place in April.

24/02/2017   Sustain

National Farmers' Union conference upbeat on Brexit

1,400 farming delegates gathered at the NFU 2017 conference to hear ministers and officials present a vision they believe will make agriculture robust outside the EU -- as long as Government makes the right decisions.

24/02/2017   Sustain

Collaboration for sustainable food in the North West

A new Briefing Paper from Sustain member the Food Research Collaboration describes the development of the Sustainable Food North West Research Collaboration. 

24/02/2017   Sustain

The Postman Always Brings Rice

Meat Free Mondays invites you to celebrate the Oscars season by thinking up some meat-free movie puns and tweeting them at #MakeAMovieVeggie.

24/02/2017   Sustain

Food Issues Census 2.0 out now

The second survey of civil society organisations' work in the food sector is out now.

24/02/2017   Sustain

Statement on Sky News story on ‘Holiday Hunger’

Sustain was part of a group of organisations and experts responding to the Sky News story on ‘Holiday Hunger’. The group is calling on all UK administrations to commit to eliminating this across the UK.

23/02/2017   Food Poverty

Stand up for farm and food workers

Brexit has put the spotlight on migrant workers in the food chain and particularly on farm work. But serious problems with labour standards and inequalities in the food chain were evident well before June 2016.

23/02/2017   Food and Farming Policy

London Food Link helps find deserving receivers of stollen goods

In December 2016, London Food Link brought together Organico and Plan Zheroes to save nearly 600 Christmas goodies from going to waste, and help two charities bring some festive cheer.

21/02/2017   London Food Link

New cross-party inquiry into ‘holiday hunger’

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger, a group of MPs and Peers, has launched an inquiry into hunger amongst children during the school holidays. This will examine the extent of hunger amongst children during the school holidays, as well as the impact it has on their life chances.

21/02/2017   Sustain

Five London boroughs awarded food poverty action plan funding

The Greater London Authority has awarded funding to Croydon, Enfield, Merton, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets to develop food poverty action plans. Thanks to funding from Trust for London, Sustain will advise and assist the boroughs with their plans over the next six months.

20/02/2017   Food Poverty

Hospital food standards kicked to the long grass in NHS Improvement

The responsibility for hospital food standards officially passed from the Department of Health (DH) to NHS Improvement (NHSI) in February 2017 - despite no-one being in post to take on the work.

20/02/2017   Better Hospital Food

London Grows community garden hubs announced for 2017

Capital Growth is pleased to be working with six exemplary gardens this season as community hubs for volunteer open days and training sessions across London.

17/02/2017   Capital Growth

Report reveals Modern Life is Rubbish

A survey has found that only 3% of people feel there is a social stigma attached to wasting food. Millennials, in particular, see food as a throwaway item, with social media fuelling the problem.

17/02/2017   Sustain

How the food industry can help reach the SDGs

A new report from WWF argues that  standards -- the frameworks on sourcing, production and labour that food companies voluntarily sign up to, and which are independently audited -- are a useful way of harnessing the industry's contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

17/02/2017   Sustain

Hospital food still far short of targets

A review of progress towards standards set for hospital food two years ago shows how much work remains to be done before patients, staff and visitors can be confident that they will be well fed on hospital premises.

17/02/2017   Sustain

Opportunity to learn more about permaculture in Scotland

Group visits to demonstration centres are available via Permaculture Scotland, with the aim of giving people who are experienceing social or economic disadvantage a chance to learn about permaculture in practice.

17/02/2017   Sustain

Oxford Real Farming Conference: now online

Many of the sessions from this year's Oxford Real Farming Conference are now available online, and the organisers would like feedback from everyone who attended, to help them plan and improve next year's event. 

17/02/2017   Sustain

Your lunch depends on EU migrants

A new blogpost on the FRC website argues that the EU workers our food supply depends on must be allowed to stay here -- but on better terms than at present.

17/02/2017   Sustain


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