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The “hidden costs” of our food

The Sustainable Food Trust have calculated that for every £1 we spend on food it costs us an extra £1 in hidden charges.

23/11/2017   Food and Farming Policy

The true pain of antibiotic-resistance documented in new short film

The film by The Pew Charitable Trusts tells the story of Chris Linaman who got an antibiotic-resistant infection. Two million Americans get antibiotic-resistant infections each year.

23/11/2017   Save Our Antibiotics

Bakers' gathering: London

On Monday 20 November 2017, Real Bread Campaign supporter E5 Bakehouse hosted a gathering for professional bakers from around the capital.

21/11/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Make your voice heard: the Mayor of London’s Health Inequalities Strategy

The Mayor is inviting feedback on his draft London Health Inequalities Strategy by midnight Thursday 30th November. This is your chance to ensure good food is on London's policy agenda.

21/11/2017   London Food Link

'Trust Me I'm A Doctor' study proves Green Gyms beats stress

A new study into the effects of different activities on stress levels has been undertaken by BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor. The BBC2 Programme, which aired on 1st November 2017 found that Green Gym participants reported higher levels of well-being and lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

21/11/2017   Growing Health

MPs say problems at 2 Sisters “are not a one-off”

The damning inquiry into the 2 Sisters plant in West Bromwich shows systematic failings with the way our food is inspected. It says that “unannounced visits” are not a surprise and therefore don’t give a true picture of the violations occurring.

19/11/2017   Food and Farming Policy

New menus for pre-school children

The Government has launched new guidance including sample menus for pre-school children. The ‘scalable’ menus can be used by nurseries, childminders and pre-schools to provide healthy meals for young children.

19/11/2017   Children's Food Campaign

Celebrating 20 years of GM free food

A Big Gene Gathering is taking place in December to celebrate 20 years of successful work by anti-GM activists.

16/11/2017   Food and Farming Policy

Supermarkets named and shamed over use of antibiotics in meat

A new report by the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics discloses which supermarkets routinely use antibiotics in their meat production.

15/11/2017   Save Our Antibiotics

UK supreme court rules that it is legal to set minimum pricing on alcohol

A Whiskey group has lost a five year battle to stop the Scottish government introducing price controls in alcohol. The court ruled that minimum pricing on alcohol was legal on health grounds under EU law.

15/11/2017   Sustain

Project finds mental wellbeing benefits of bread making

Together We Rise: Bethlem Baking Buddies is the Real Bread Campaign's report on baking sessions for mental health care service users at Bethlem Royal Hospital. All participants reported that bread making made them feel happier, creative and a sense of achievement.

14/11/2017   Real Bread Campaign

Greater Manchester launches its sustainable food future

Feeding Manchester has published a detailed outline showing what needs to be done for everyone to be able to access sustainable food across the city. It is the culmination of 18 months work from a hundred community groups, small businesses and the public sector.

13/11/2017   Sustainable Food Cities

Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson join Paul McCartney in film supporting Meat Free Monday campaign

The short film - ‘One Day a Week’ - highlights the huge environmental impact of animal agriculture and encourages people to eat less meat.

13/11/2017   Sustain

28 cities and local areas back Coke Truck Tour protest letter

Over 40 organisations, directors of public health and elected members representing 28 local areas joined SUGAR SMART UK in urging Coca-Cola to stop promoting free sugary drinks to the general public, and in particular to children.

13/11/2017   Sugar Smart UK

Vote to fund our NHS food Patient Jury

Please vote for the Campaign for Better Hospital Food’s new Patient Jury.

10/11/2017   Better Hospital Food

Demands for food banks on the rise across the UK, reports The Trussell Trust

The most recent data shows a 13% increase in the amount of food given out by Trussell Trust food banks from April - September 2017 when compared to the same period last year.

10/11/2017   Food Poverty

End Hunger UK calls on government to start measuring household food insecurity

The campaign asks MPs to support the bill during it's reading on 29 November, when it will be put forward by Emma Lewell-Buck MP.

10/11/2017   Food Poverty

Make your voice heard: the Mayor of London’s Environment Strategy

The Mayor is inviting feedback on his draft London Environment Strategy by midnight Friday 17th November. This is your chance to ensure good food is on London's policy agenda.

10/11/2017   London Food Link

Gove says no to bee harming Pesticides

There was excellent news today for Sustain members who have been working for several years to see a ban on a pesticide that harms bees and other insects. DEFRA Secretary of State Gove announced the UK would vote in the EU for a ban on its use. 


09/11/2017   Sustain

Tell Coke what you think of their marketing

Not feeling festive about the Coca-Cola truck visiting your city and handing out sugary drinks to the public and children? Here's some ideas of ways to get a different message out.

09/11/2017   Children's Food Campaign


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