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We're keen to hear from individuals, enterprises, other organisations and PR agencies.

Before you hit 'send', please read 'what makes a story ‘Eely?' below to check what interests us.

Or perhaps you'd like to offer to our subscribers something as a prize, or at a deliciously discounted rate.

Drop us a line:

Events: Add details of your good food events to the London Food Link calendar, which we mine for our newsletter.

Job, volunteering and training: Find and add detals of opportunities to our dedicated Roots to Work site.

NB The way to guarantee you appear in the print edition of The 'Eel (and help ensure we can keep publishing it) is by advertising.

Write for us

All of our articles and images have been kindly contributed by budding writers, photographers and illustrators seeking exposure, plus more established folks who fancy doing a bit of pro bono work for our charity.

We totally respect that people want, need (and frankly deserve) something in return. So if you want to see your work in print in front of around 30,000 Londoners, then we'd love to hear from you.

What makes a story ‘Eely?

The three key words here are: good food for London.

Of the feast of fabulousness London has to offer, we focus on the organisations, enterprises and people that go one step further down a good food route.

Items on this menu include:

  • Working to be food and packaging waste-free.
  • More veg and less, but better, meat and dairy.
  • Seasonally local-to-London food that’s organic or otherwise grown in a planet-friendly way.
  • For anything that can’t be grown locally (eg tea, coffee, chocolate, citrus) it needs to be Fairtrade or otherwise fairly-traded.
  • Anything fishy must be from sustainable sources and loaves must be Real Bread.
  • Genuinely healthier choices for body, mind or both.
  • Social and community enterprise

How to get involved

If you’d like to submit a story read our writers’ guide, then drop us a line including:

  • A one sentence outline of your proposed article.
  • What type of article it is – news (300 words) or feature/ profile/interview (1000 words)
  • A bullet point summary of what you’ll cover, who/what will be included and (except for news) who you will interview and quote.
  • Confirmation that the article is your own work and previously unpublished
  • Whether or not you are can supply a good quality photograph (with permission for us to publish it).