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  • Yuki Gomi on Japanese food with a conscience
  • Tales of herring do
  • Urban Food Fortnight
  • Tom Hunt on wild mushrooms
  • Growing Enterprise
  • Glug! Tipples from foraged fruits
  • Living as a vegan freegan
  • Bicycle food deliveries
  • To Market Brook Green Market and Kitchen
  • The Eel Loves... Clapton
  • Capital Growth seasonal planting guide

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Yuki Gomi on Japanese food with a conscience

Japanese food is an ever-more common feature of the capital’s menu. We asked London-based chef, food writer and teacher Yuki Gomi what this means for the conscious eater. more

Tales of herring do

It looks like herring is making a comeback, says Becca Roberts. more

Unknown pleasures

From 11-27 September, London will experience a city-wide celebration of the fabulous food being grown, produced and cooked on its doorstep during the fourth annual Urban Food Fortnight. Clare Gilbert has a taster of just a few of the secret sensations being served up. more

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