Mind your peas and cues
It is well known that eating real, wholesome food is key to good physical health. Jo Creed finds out there is increasing recognition that growing and cooking can have benefits for our mental wellbeing, too. more

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Horniman Farmers’ Market
Set amidst 16 acres of gardens at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, this is quite possibly the capital’s most picturesque market. more

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Star hip enterprise

Holly Brooke-Smith speaks to people behind three enterprises being supported by Urban Food Routes to find out what they do and how the scheme has helped them. more

Freshers’ fayre

Imagine a student eating his or her dinner. Be honest - what are you picturing? Beans on toast? Instant noodles with ketchup? Piers Telemacque says that this sort of stereotype is one that should be fading fast. more

Our corking capital

Could Enfield one day rank alongside Bordeaux, Champagne and Rioja? Mayor Boris has been heard saying he wants to serve the first London sparkling wine. Chris Mercer meets people behind the community schemes that could be in the running to make it. more

A spade new world

We’ve often written about Londoners embracing food growing as a way to take more control over what they eat. Now Jennifer Parker looks at some who are taking this further to make a living. more

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Around Town
In for a penny... Wild about food, Phoenix in Heron Square, Meat-free eatery, As you like it, Rock down to Electric Avenue more