Your grow-a-loaf guidebook. Copyright: / Lara Durham

Your grow-a-loaf guidebook. Copyright: / Lara Durham

Are you ready to help children take a handful of wheat and head off together on a seed to sandwich adventure by growing your own Real Bread? Yes? Great!

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What is Bake Your Lawn?
What’s inside
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What is Bake Your Lawn?

The Real Bread Campaign has written this book to help teachers, (grand)parents, guardians, community group leaders and other youngster-wranglers guide them in hands-on, soil-to-slice journeys of discovery. Starting with just a dozen-or-so grams of wheat seeds and a square metre of earth, together you’ll see how Real Bread starts in a field, not a factory. 

Bake Your Lawn by Chris Young and the Real Bread Campaign, with illustrations by Lara Durham, ISBN 978-1-903060-68-1, paperback, 148 pages, RRP £15.

Published 4 March 2024 by Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming, in time for spring wheat planting - and planning for winter wheat sowing... 

What’s inside

Bake Your Lawn includes guidance on micro-scale sowing, growing, harvesting, threshing, winnowing, milling and Real Bread making.

Along the way, children (and some of their attendant adults) will learn fascinating facts and have the chance to try simple experiments. At the end comes the best bit – enjoying delicious, nutritious Real Bread made using the flour that they produce. 

The key stages we cover in this book are:


  • Getting your hands on wheat seeds.
  • Preparing a seed bed.
  • Planting.
  • Caring for your crop.


  • Harvesting.
  • Threshing to separate the grains from the stems.
  • Winnowing grain to remove the chaff.
  • Grinding grain.
  • Sieving and maturing flour.


  • More about flour and other ingredients.
  • Equipment.
  • Using your flour to make the tastiest Real Bread ever.

Field notes

  • Stories from grow-a-loaf school projects.

Lessons in Loaf
Some simple experiments to try at home or in school.

  • Using bread as a topic across a range of subjects.
  • Practicalities of doing all this at school

Wheat diaries

  • Further inspiration from folk who took part in the Real Bread Campaign’s original Lessons in Loaf and Bake Your Lawn projects.

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(Please note that this is copyrighted material and so not for printing, publication, reproduction or distribution by any means in any medium.)

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Media enquiries

For media enquiries about the book, the Campaign and Real Bread in general, please contact Bake Your Lawn author and Real Bread Campaign co-ordinator Chris Young:

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NB Chris is the Campaign's only staff member, working remotely on a part-time basis.


For fuller answers to these first few (and many more) questions, please buy our book!

Where can I find wheat seeds?
If you live near a cereal farmer or small mill, you could try asking them. A member of one of the UK's regional non-commodity grain networks might be able to point you in the right direction - see the Britain and Ireland Community Grains Association map.

They include the Brockwell Bake Association, who offer 30g packets of April Bearded or Ölands wheat (enough for up to 2m2) for a donation plus p&p.

How much wheat and space will I need?

Results will vary but around15-30g of wheat seeds, sown on about a square metre of soil, can yield enough to produce flour for a small wholemeal loaf of Real Bread.

When should I sow wheat?

Varieties grown in the UK can be broadly divided into winter wheat, usually sown between October and late November; and spring wheat, sown from February through to April and (in cooler parts, such as Scotland) into early May.

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This book builds on the Bake Your Lawn and Lessons in Loaf projects created and run by the Real Bread Campaign from 2010 to 2012. They helped thousands of school children not only to follow the journey from crop to crust but also to discover the connections that Real Bread has with almost every aspect of learning and life in general.

What people said about the original Bake Your Lawn project

“We had a very successful time making our Real Bread with a kilo of our own homemade flour. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the project and we hopefully taught the children a great deal about Real Bread.” Stocksfield Avenue Primary School, Newcastle

“We harvested a reasonable size sheaf, threshed it etc. ground it up, ended up with 400g of flour – just enough for a loaf – and what a loaf it is. The children have a new-found admiration for farmers and bakers, but more importantly were blown away by the process of making and eating their own bread. Brilliant campaign, we loved the experience.” Berkswich Primary School, Stafford

“Growing a loaf of bread! We planted the wheat in April and harvested in September. In October, we threshed the wheat, winnowed it and milled it in Mr. Banham’s coffee grinder. On 14 October we baked our flour as bread and ATE IT. DELICIOUS!” South Haringey Junior School, London.

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