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The first rule of the Real Bread Campaign is…

…you DO talk about the Real Bread Campaign!

Credit: Sustain

Credit: Sustain

The Real Bread Campaign is run by the charity Sustain, which relies almost entirely on annual contributions from our supporters,* to be able to keep flying the flag for Real Bread. Thank you!

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  • Telling local journalists, bloggers, broadcasters etc. what you and your Campaign are up to.

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We are THE network championing Real Bread and the people behind its rise, and challenging obstacles to everyone having the chance to choose Real Bread. We know that times are tough but if you are able to do more to support us, please do.

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To find full details of what we stand for and do and how you can support us, please visit the Real Bread Campaign website.

*Which is why we say supporters, rather than members.


Published Monday 12 June 2023

Real Bread Campaign: The Real Bread Campaign finds and shares ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet. Whether your interest is local food, community-focussed small enterprises, honest labelling, therapeutic baking, or simply tasty toast, everyone is invited to become a Campaign supporter.

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