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'Producing Better' film showcases nature friendly farming at its best

Benefits of regenerative agriculture brought to life by Eversfield Organic farm in new short film by Eating Better, a member of Sustain's alliance.

Eating Better’s first ever film ‘Producing Better’ showcases the very best of British farming, where a regenerative model is bringing benefits for nature and a profitable business for the farmer.

The food we eat is having a huge impact on our planet, and livestock farming is one of the biggest contributors. To tackle the climate and nature crisis, our food system needs to be radically reshaped -​​ that means adopting sustainable farming practices that work with nature, not against it. This movement for change begins with the producer, whose practices, if done right, can protect and enhance our environment for generations to come.

The aim of ‘Producing Better’ is to build demand for less and better meat, placing the focus on quality not quantity. It was filmed at Eversfield Organic, an award-winning, organic, family-run farm certified by Eating Better members the Soil Association and Pasture for Life. Here, fewer animals, fed only on grass, are free to roam, living natural lives outdoors which adheres to the highest environmental and welfare standards. Lower stock densities also reduce the need for antibiotics, which in turn is better for human health.

At Eversfield the cows are raised slower than intensively reared cattle, grazing on lush green pasture where they have space to roam or enjoy a good neck scratch from one of the many trees dotting the landscape. Trees also offer shade and protection, particularly for the calves. Rotational grazing moves the herd from field to field, to protect and nourish the soil.

With a successful and profitable business under their belts, this shift in mindset shows that regenerative farming practices aren’t just benefiting the environment, it also makes good business sense. 

Mark Bury, Founder of Eversfield Organic said:

You’ve got to look after your farm in a way that nurtures the soil and delivers the grass for the herd to eat.  If you do it properly, all the good things you're doing to get a traditional animal to deliver you a great meal on your plate has done a huge amount of good for the planet.

Anna Elliot, Eversfield Organic said:

Eating better resonates with us and is a driving force in our business. Farming in harmony with nature has not only brought benefits to the environment and biodiversity - our cattle also get to live a healthy life expressing natural behaviours, which is an important factor for customers looking to buy ‘better’ meat.

Simon Billing, Executive Director at Eating Better said:

The science is clear. We need to eat less meat, but if we choose to eat meat, we can opt for 'better' meat that's in touch with the land and which benefits nature and that of the planet.”

The Eversfield model of 'Producing Better' gave us an insight of nature-friendly farming at its best, with an abundance of pollinators visible in the many trees and hedgerows. It's a vision of where all farming could be with the right support from Government and from retailers to champion 'better.'

Vicki Hird, Head of Farming at Sustain said:

This film shows the real modern future for sustainable farming and healthy food production. Farm systems can support high nature protection alongside producing food and the organic accreditation is vital to show customers its origin. We can all choose to eat less and better meat and look for politicians to ensure the policies help that to happen.

Published Tuesday 14 September 2021

Sustainable Farming Campaign: Sustain encourages integration of sustainable food and farming into local, regional and national government policies.

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