Top London restaurant supplier launches farm to tackle soil depletion

Fresh produce supplier Natoora, who supply some of London’s best restaurants, has launched a regenerative farm to rejuvenate soils, sequester carbon and provide sustainable food.

Melilot Farm curtesy of Natoora

Picture: Melilot Farm curtesy of Natoora

Published: 24/11/2020

The seasonal produce supplier, have long focused on improving the food system through their transparent supply chain, providing some of London's top restaurants, including Brat, Lyle's and Davies & Brook with organic produce. 

They have long-championed the idea of 'radically seasonal produce that highlights the true cost of farming'. Their new Earthworks programme has taken this mission one step further by establishing regenerative farms across Europe and the US to grow the foodMelilot, their first organic farm based in Cornwall and run in partnership with chef Dan Cox, will act as a research centre, creating a framework for progressive sustainable farming across the world.  

The mission behind the lastest initiative is to reverse the intense industrial farming practices that release huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and deplete the topsoil. By farming regeneratively, Earthworks aims to sequester the carbon back into the land and improve soil health, increase biodiversity and build ecosystem resilience

Their produce is also available through their own shops across London and their home delivery boxes. Find them here.  

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