Bill to measure food insecurity passes first reading without opposition

Presented by Emma Lewell-Buck MP, the Bill will now have a second reading in February 2018

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The Bill calls on the government to start measuring household food insecurity in the UK and was successfully passed on 29th November during a ten minute reading. A second reading of the bill will take place on 2nd February 2018 in the House of Commons.

To date, understanding the extent and severity of food insecurity in the UK has been patchy as regular, standardised measurement of these issues has not been undertaken by the government. As a result, there is not a full picture of the problem, nor appropriate action taken to address its root causes.

Read Emma Lewell-Buck MP's motion for the Bill.

Read more about it's need, previous measurement attempts and proposed approaches for the government to take. Sustain looks forward to continuing it's work with End Hunger UK in support of the Bill and the implementation of regular measurement.

Read more about Sustain's work on Food Poverty.



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