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Simply Veg: Join Veg Power’s new campaign for lasting change

Veg Power want to turn the success of their 'Eat Them to Defeat Them' campaign into long-lasting change, and make sure that every child in the UK gets one more portion of veg every single day.

Simply Veg campaign  . Credit: Veg Power

Simply Veg campaign . Credit: Veg Power

Veg Power is on a decade-long mission to get every child in the UK eating one more portion of veg every day. Their research shows that three out of every four parents feel that their child needs to eat more veg, and nearly half of parents struggle to get their kids to eat more veg. With the cost of living crisis intensifying, half of low-income families say they are buying fewer fruit and vegetables as a result of rising food prices.

In their 2022 ‘Eat Them to Defeat Them’ campaign, more than 1 million children took part, and two thirds said they ate more veg as a result. Now, Veg Power want to turn this success into lasting change.

How do they plan on doing this? By making it as easy as possible for parents and carers to get veg onto their families’ plates and into their mouths. Veg Power are bringing together chefs, nutritionists and child psychologists to provide the best possible support on a variety of subjects from buying and storing veg to how to prepare and serve them. They’re also bringing children’s entertainers and big children's entertainment brands on board to bring a bit of magic and get kids excited about the campaign.

Dan Parker, Chief Executive of Veg Power says: "Simply Veg will bring together the best evidence-based expertise in nutrition, cooking, child psychology and food education with the engagement skills of major entertainment brands and the creative industries. All of which will be informed by parent advisers from lower income families. By working together, we can deliver the practical and effective tools and techniques to make it as easy as possible for parents and carers to get more vegetables into their families."

The campaign is going to be launched in September. Can you help get the message up in every public building, in schools, doctor’s surgeries, health centres, shops and workplaces? They'll have artwork for digital billboard sites, banners to go on websites, a short video to go out on social media and flyers to hand out at healthy weight and community cooking groups. If you want to join the campaign, contact

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Published 6 Jun 2022

Veg Cities: We need your help to get your city or local area growing, cooking, selling and saving more vegetables.

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