Interest free loans for organic businesses

The Organic Research Centre is launching a new fund offering loans from £5,000 to £25,000. The Dean Organic Fund will benefit small scale organic farmers and food producers who want to expand their businesses.

The money for the fund comes from the Dean Organic Trust which was set up in 1993 by Jennie Bone. Following her death in 2016 the legacy of the estate was transferred to the Organic Research Centre, who are a member of Sustain.

Professor Nic Lampkin, from the Organic Research Centre, believes this is a suitable use for Jennie Bone’s estate: “Jennie Bone was passionate about conserving wildlife in the farmed environment and she widely encouraged and promoted the environmental benefits of organic farming and growing. We are delighted to continue Jennie’s fantastic legacy and will look forward to receiving applications from eligible businesses.”

Organic farmers and food producers who want to apply for the interest-free, unsecured loans can do so through the Organic Research Centre’s website or by emailing Nic Lampkin.

The fund is also open to those producers that are not certified organic but whose operations are closely aligned with organic principles. The loans are repayable over periods of up to five years and applications are welcome from companies, sole traders, community or social enterprises and charity-owned businesses.

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