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Join Produkt and GAIL’s on 1 February 2018 for an evening chewing over the role bread plays in family, culture, and London life. Speakers include baker Dan Lepard, and there’s a 15% discount available for Real Bread Campaign supporters.

From ‘let them eat cake’ (well, brioche…) to flower power kids of the ‘60s protesting against white ‘Wonder Bread’, bread and industrial loaves have long been associated with revolutions. Soul vs power. Love vs war. Personal vs industrial.

Organised by pop-up dining food anthropologists Produkt and hosted by GAIL’s, the evening (7-10.30pm) features an international, bread-centric supper, interspersed with short talks from:

  • Food anthropologist and Produkt co-founder Katrina Kollegaeva
  • Baker and food writer Dan Lepard
  • GAIL’s co-founder Tom Molnar
  • Real Bread Campaign coordinator, Chris Young

Each will cover the transformational quality of making and eating bread in their respective countries and cultures, from the Levant to Australia, California to Eastern Europe and England.

A Produkt dinner is “the journey from raw ingredient to end product. For each event we create a meal with that ingredient as its soul and invite people who’ve devoted their lives to making or writing about that food to give short talks.”

  • A welcome cocktail based on home-made kvass, with nibbles
  • Buterbrody open rye sandwiches with dill and juniper home-cured salmon, fermented lardo with pink peppercorns
  • French dark sourdough ‘boats’ with pickled vegetables
  • Pozarskaya cutlets, a 19th century Russian recipe made with breaded, free-range chicken/veal
  • Chocolate ‘spuds’ (dark, boozy truffles, made with currant and sour cherry sourdough crumb)

[This is a guideline. The actual menu will be finalised a few days before the event]

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