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Stephanie Wood, School Food Matters

Stepphanie Wood, School Food MattersStephanie Wood works tirelessly to improve the food served to London schoolchildren. Her small charity School Food Matters has been instrumental in transforming the food served in schools in the London Borough of Richmond, and her influence is rapidly spreading to other Boroughs.

She explains, "Our mission is to ensure that every child enjoys fresh sustainable food at school and understands where their food comes from. To achieve this we listen to schools, parents and children. Together we urge local authorities to improve school meals and to support food education through cooking, growing and links with local farms."

Stephanie also works to ensure that schools implement Food for Life standards that include a commitment at Silver and Gold levels to using sustainable fish. As she explains "Serving sustainable fish, and talking about where it comes from, is a vital part of a child's food education. It helps children appreciate how precious the oceans are that provide so much of our food."

The mission of School Food Matters is to ensure that local authorities:

  •  invest in school kitchens to enable all schools to have fresh food cooked on site;
  •  invest in catering staff with training and enough paid hours to enable them to cook fresh food on site;
  •  invest in dining areas so that schools can serve lunch in a pleasant, fully equipped environment;
  •  write stringent school meal contract specifications, committing to fresh produce from sustainable sources;
  •  promote links with local farms and support cooking and growing in schools.
Find out more about the work of School Food Matters at:

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