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Phil Greer, West London

Phil GreerPhil Greer is a builder from Ealing, West London. He says, "I love eating fish and I want future generations to be able to enjoy what we have experienced. I read "The End of the Line" book on holiday a few years ago and I was shocked and angry. If governments aren't going to do what's needed, then the least I can do, is do the right thing myself.  I only ever buy certified sustainable fish now - like MSC."

His advice to people and businesses that eat or serve fish is: "Read 'The End of the Line' - you'll never be able to eat endangered fish again. And become a member of organisations like Greenpeace and Sustainable Fish City, who are taking action to protect the seas."

His advice to people and businesses that are ignoring the problems of unsustainable fishing is: "I'm not buying from you any more! Wake up and do something!"

Rosie Boycott, London Food Board

Taking a sustainable approach to fish is critical to the food security of our city. It is shocking to think that within our lifetimes, we could lose some of our favourite species from the seas forever.

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