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Add your details to the Real Bread Finder

This is our invitation to ALL bakers who make ANY loaves of what we call Real Bread!

You can also use it to help people find your Real Bread making classes, flour from independent mills, equipment and more…

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What is The Real Bread Finder?

The Real Bread Finder is the unique online guide dedicated to helping people to seek places to buy Real Bread locally.

It also helps people to find local Real Bread making classes, flour from independent mills, equipment and more…

It is a service that is offered FREE OF CHARGE to shoppers, bakers and retailers by the Real Bread Campaign, which is part of the food and farming charity Sustain.

How to put your stuff on our map

  1. When it comes to loaves, you can ONLY add what WE call Real Bread ( i.e. made without ANY processing aids, other artificial additives or chemical leavening - and that includes the flour or any mix you use*)
  2. The loaf and flour invitation is ONLY for bakers/bakeries and independent mills, so if you're a retailer, please pass our invitation on to the bakery or independent mill that supplies you. 

* ALWAYS READ THE LABEL! Many mixes (and even some flours) contain added enzymes, E300 or other additives. Loaves made with any of these are NOT what we call Real Bread.

The simple three step process:

In order for us to put your Real Bread or other products/services on our map, we need to know the following:

  1. Add your contact details: Details of your business / organisation and how we can contact you.
  2. Add your outlet(s): We need this to let people know where they can find your Real Bread or products/services
  3. Tell us what you do 
Click here to put your loaves on the map.


What you do

You can use the Real Bread Finder to let people know that you offer:

  • What we define as Real Bread - please read this before you add your loaves!
  • Flour from an independent mill
  • Regular or frequent Real Bread making classes/courses*
  • Fresh yeast or sourdough starter
  • Other bits and bobs that might be of use to the home baker
* If your class is a one off, please add it to our events calendar instead.  For details of how to add a more detailed listing for a frequent/regular class, click here.

What next?

  1. Please check our current definition of Real Bread here.
  2. Click here to add your details to our database 

We’ll then give your details the once over and drop you a line when we put you on the map.  We try to do this once a week.

Quid pro dough

This listing is FREE but as part of a small charity, we urge you to JOIN US to help support us running this service and our other our work, which includes ongoing national promotion of Real Bread and small independent bakeries.

The Real Bread Loaf Mark

Join more than 150 bakeries that use The Loaf Mark to give shoppers an at-a-glance assurance that 'this is Real Bread!' Click here for details of the scheme.



I think my bread is real but is it what the Campaign calls Real Bread?

You can only add loaves of what WE call Real Bread!

The Campaign defines Real Bread as that made without the use of processing aids, any other artificial additives or chemical leavening. For more details please click here.

Do the loaves have to be sourdough, long-fermented, made with local flour etc?

No - though all of those things are great.

Do I need to be a Campaign supporter to add details to the Real Bread Finder?

No - this is open to everyone who offers anything on the what you do list above - though to support our charity's work and become part of our mutually-supportive international network we’d love to join us, too.

Does adding my loaves make me a Campaign supporter?

No, so to find how to support our work by joining us, please click here.

Can I use the Campaign logo?

We have two Real Bread logos we encourage bakers to use:

  1. The Real Bread Loaf Mark - click here to find details of the scheme.
  2. Campaign supporter badge - join us and you can download it here.

How do I change the details of my Real Bread Finder entry?

Please visit our database page and follow the instructions.

What if only one of my loaves is Real Bread?

Please add it - we want people to find it and hopefully encourage you to kick the addtive habit for the rest of your loaves.

For advice on why and how to get real with the rest of your loaves, we have written Knead to Know: the Real Bread starter

I've added my details to the database, so why can't I see them?

There's a manual element to the process, so entries do not appear straight away. We try to process entries once a week, though sometimes it might take longer. 

If you added your details over two weeks ago, please visit the database to check that you have added at least one outlet, one product or service per outlet, and that you have ticked at least one box per outlet to say what you offer there. If you still can't see your entry on the map, please email us.

What is the Real Bread Campaign's Gold Standard?

We don't have one anymore. Until around late 2009, we had one that had five criteria, but then bakeries and shoppers began making so many strong cases for criteria to be removed or added, we ended up with a huge list that would have been utterly confusing.

Instead, we decided to focus on the single, universally accessible (but still not acheived by perhaps 97% of loaves sold in the UK) 'no artificial additives' rule, and then share all sorts of ways bread can be made better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.


Why is my favourite local bakery not on the Real Bread Finder?

Because they haven't added their loaves yet. The next time you are there, please point them to and pass on our Real Bread Finder invitation.

If they verify that their loaves are what we call Real Bread, they'll appear here.

I'm not a baker but can I add my favourite bakery to the map?

No. As questionable labelling laws mean that only a bakery can be 100% sure what was used to make loaves, we have to have the bakery's assurance.

It is possible that what you think is Real Bread might in fact have been made using contain artificial additives or hidden processing aids.

Is every baker with loaves on the map a Campaign supporter?

Not necessarily. We invte everyone to support the Campaign andbeing a supporter is not a prerequisite for a loaf listing.

Is this an assurance or recommendation scheme?

No. Being part of such a small charity, the Real Bread Campaign is not able to carry out chemical analysis or site visits to give such an assurance.

As we are impartial, it is purely objective (i.e. the bakers have told us these loaves are addtive-free) rather than subjective (e.g. we think these are the best-tasting loaves) - we leave it up to you to decide your own favourites.

When adding a product to the finder, bakers have to tick a box to confirm that it is what we call Real Bread and we rely upon them to do so honestly.  If in doubt - read the label or ask the baker.