No Loaf Lost

The surplus reduction guide to help small bakeries save dough.

Unless a bakery never has a leftover loaf, there is an opportunity for surplus reduction. Even if you believe that you have totally cracked the problem, it’s a good idea to review so you can keep things that way.

While more and more bakeries are finding ways of stopping their leftover loaves going to waste, the Real Bread Campaign was unable to find a guide dedicated to helping small bakeries reduce the surplus they create in the first place – so here it is.

With insights from Real Bread bakery owners and food waste reduction experts, this guide is designed to help small businesses throwing dough away by ensuring they have No Loaf Lost.

The guide is divided into five sections:

  • Reasons to slice surplus
  • Identifying when, where and why surplus arises
  • Ways to minimise mismatches between production and sales
  • Involving and communicating with customers and staff
  • What to do with any surplus that is still produced

Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, it has been designed as a pick ‘n’ mix for each bakery owner to select the things that could work for her or his business.

The Real Bread Campaign encourages bakeries that download the guide to make the No Loaf Lost pledge to monitor their surplus, make and implement a reduction plan and publically promote this work.


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