London Grows Wild: A guide to wildlife-friendly food growing

London Grows Wild is a practical guide to help urban food growers incorporate wildlife-friendly practices and principles into their gardens.

Capital Growth
2016 - 20pp

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Whether growing in a balcony garden, allotment, school or urban farm, there are a variety of ways to turn urban gardens into welcoming homes for wildlife. The advice and assessments in this guide can help growers learn more about what wildlife-friendly food growing is, identify what’s already going well in their garden, and discover easy ways to improve.


  • Wildlife-friendly food growing
  • Attracting wildlife into the garden
  • Understanding the insect world
  • Composting for wildlife
  • Growing food the wild way
  • Evaluating biodiversity in garden design
  • Resources for further learning

The Capital Growth campaign, run by Sustain's London Food Link offers practical and financial support to communities around London to help more people grow more food, and to have greater access to land and growing spaces for community benefit. The Capital Bee project, part of Capital Growth, seeks pledges to promote bee-friendly behaviour, and supports establishment of community beehives.


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