Get ready for Sourdough September

The Real Bread Campaign is encouraging all bakeries and baking schools to make and publish their plans as soon as possible for the annual, international celebration of genuine sourdough.

Brick House sourdough by Chris Young

Brick House sourdough by Chris Young

Every genuine sourdough (ie no additives and no baker's yeast) baker and baking teacher around the world is invited to join in and benefit from the publicity and sales potential of running events and activities that are in line with the aims of #SourdoughSeptember:

  • Share the delicious delights of genuine sourdough with people of all ages
  • Encourage more people to bake genuine sourdough
  • Celebrate the small, independent bakeries that bake genuine sourdough
  • Alert people to the issue of sourfaux (ie made using additives and/or baker's yeast) to help people avoid being misled
  • Encourage people to join and/or donate to the Real Bread Campaign

Bakeries, baking schools, mills and other organisations/enterprises are encouraged to organise events/activities designed to meet one or more of the aims above in any way that works for them.

Ideas include:

  • Run sourdough Real Bread or pizza classes
  • Put on a Sourdough September special loaf
  • Give away free pots of your sourdough starter to customers, along with a Real Bread recipe to make at home
  • Join forces with local brewers, charcutiers, picklers, cheese makers for a feast of fermentation
  • Host a sourdough toast and tea morning
  • Add an optional donation (eg 50p-£1) to our charity onto customers’ bills

The activity could be stand-alone, or part of a larger event – eg one of the many food festivals that take place during the month.

Ahead of – and throughout – the month, the Real Bread Campaign will be encouraging everyone else to buy a loaf of genuine sourdough from a local, independent bakery, or have a go at baking their own.

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