London named one of the easiest cities to go vegan in

A recent study has found that London is amongst the best in terms of providing vegan options, with over half of restaurants in the city catering for plant-based diets. 

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Picture: Pexels photo

Published: 4 Mar 2021

The study, by Exante used Trip Advisor review data to identify the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK and found an impressive 2,000 vegan takeout options, and over 1,100 vegan- friendly restaurants.  

It was prompted by a recent surge in demand for vegan food in the UK. Over the last 5 years, the number of vegans in the country has quadrupled, to over half a million in the beginning of 2020. Retailers and restaurants alike have responded to this; it has never been easier to eat out on a plant-based diet. 

Here are some of our top picks for plant-based eateries in London; whether you’re vegan, or just looking to grab some good grub in the city. 

Flat Earth Pizzas - E8

Veggie and vegan pizzas made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. They prize themselves on lots of fermented and foraged ingredients– so expect bold flavours and a pizza to remember.

What the Fattoush? - SE14 5AA 

Originally set up as a supper club in 2017, What The Fattoush? offers plant-based, Palestinian-inspired dishes. have also been offering cook-at-home kits during the pandemic, bringing the excitement of Palestinian cuisine to your kitchen. 

Soosh - E8 4AH 

New on the London take-away scene, Soosh is a plant-based sushi delivery service. Minimising negative environmental impacts is a central philosophy at Soosh. Their commitment to plastic-free packaging and sustainable sourcing of ingredients allows customer to enjoy good food ethically. 

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Written by volunteer write Rob Slater.