Meat Supplier Russell Hume goes into administration

More than 260 workers have lost their jobs at the meat supplier Russell Hume, which has folded into administration just weeks after an alleged breach of food labelling standards.

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Sustain CEO Kath Dalmeny was interviewed about the Russell Hume meat safety scare by ITV at the weekend and her full statement is here

You'll find the ITV coverage of today's story about Russel Hume going in to administration here.

Kath Dalmeny, chief executive of Sustain, said:

“I’m very sorry to hear of job losses at Russell Hume, but why does it take a whistleblower to reveal the possibility of country of origin labelling having been changed; and journalists to uncover the unsafe practices at the 2Sisters meat processing site last year?Regulation has been a dirty word of late, condemned as ‘red tape’ that holds us all back, but we all expect the food on our plates to be safe. We need better inspections and more funding for all the agencies that keep our food safe to eat.” 

The original concerns at the Russell Hume meat company, reportedly relating to date labelling, were discovered by the Food Standards Agency.


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