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Eat Them To Defeat Them is back

It’s official: the veg are back and the fight is on. After huge success with last year's campaign, Veg Power are launching Eat Them To Defeat Them again for 2023.

Eat Them To Defeat Them. Credit: Veg Power

Eat Them To Defeat Them. Credit: Veg Power

The Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign is all about getting children to eat more veg: but not in the way you might expect. After finding that standard approached to health messaging simply wasn’t getting through to kids, Veg Power decided to create a whole new style of campaign, that made healthy eating fund and engaging.

In collaboration with creative talent, celebrities, local government, schools and catering companies, Veg Power developed a creative campaign which gets kids excited and puts parents and kids on the same side of the battle. They called it 'Eat Them To Defeat Them'.

Veg Power have rolled out some impressive findings from last year’s campaign:

  • Over 1 million children took part
  • 3,850 schools were involved in the school programme
  • Parents reported that 57% of children who took part in the school programme ate more vegetables
  • 30% of parents who saw the advert said their children ate more vegetables
  • 1 billion additional children’s portions of veg were sold as a direct result of the campaign between 2019 and 2022

And now, they’re back for more. There are plenty of ways to show support and get involved, whether you’re a school, a caterer, or a local authority.

More information and registration here.

Contact Veg Power to register your interest.

Get a taste from last year’s school resources.

Published 1 Dec 2022

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