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Here are just some of London Food Link our supporters on how they have benefitted from joining our network and from our work in general.


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You said...

"Volunteering with London Food Link and the knowledge and skills I gained there have been a fantastic stepping stone for helping me start up my own sustainable food business. I continue to feel very supported by the Sustain team, in particular from the London Food Link and Food Co-ops projects. Receiving mentions about my business in the Jellied Eel magazine has generated additional interest in my business which I am extremely grateful for." Philli Denning, founder of Naked Larder

“London Food Link changed my life! You were the first organisation I contacted when Sid and I launched Grub Club three years ago. You were immediately supportive of our organisation and also invited us to be a speaker at an LFL event. This gave us exposure to a great, engaged audience and also was our stepping stone on to the huge, exciting but also initially overwhelming food scene. Thank you for making Grub Club what we are today!”Olivia Sibony, co-founder of Grub Club

“As well as being an inspiring place to discover all the best foodie goings on, London Food Link’s newsletters have resulted in two fantastic hires to the Hubbub team. Thanks guys!” Marisa Leaf, Founder and co-CEO of

“Hiver would have happened if not for the fantastic work of London Food Link and the introduction to the local honey on my doorstep. Some of Hiver’s customers are also LFL supporters or part of the Sustainable Restaurant Association so I feel indebted in many ways.” Hannah Rhodes, founder of Hiver Beer

“My thanks goes to LFL and their Winter Warmer event. It provided me with a platform to talk about our new collaborative café, and from doing that we found a new collaborator who is now going to be one of the chefs at the café" Jeremy Wickremer, founder of Jez’s Kitchen

“In 2007 I set up School Food Matters with the mission to ensure that every child enjoys fresh sustainable food at school and understands where their food comes from.  Back then I was a lone parent campaigner but the lovely folk at London Food Link scooped me up and introduced me to food friends across London.  The support of the network was invaluable during those early years and I won’t forget the generosity and kindness of its members.” Stephanie Wood, founder of School Food Matters (and now both Chair of London Food Link and trustee of Sustain)  

“The Jellied Eel was definitely responsible for us getting picked up by other newspapers and magazines, as well as industry experts which was both heartening - and in business terms invaluable.” Duncan O’Brien, founder of Dalston Cola

“Being mentioned in the Jellied Eel a few times has really helped my small business reach a wider and relevant audience. For tiny one-woman-bands like me with no marketing budget this kind of free support is really valuable. Involvement with the Urban Food Awards promoted my small cookery school business and also allowed some valuable networking which has opened new doors with regards to my academic and consultancy work in food. LFL must have directly and indirectly prompted hundreds of such connections for people working in food across London.” Anna Colquhoun, cooking classes, food writing, research and consultancy

“We have been blown away by the number of people who read about us in The Jellied Eel magazine - you have an incredible foodie following and can make ALL the difference to teeny tiny businesses in the UK!” Natalie Bayliss, founder of Turnham Green Ethical Hampers

“In 2015 I was lucky enough to be given an Urban Food Routes award - it has been invaluable! Not only has it has funded the purchase of some much needed equipment but also, through the business mentoring, has helped me to supply an increasing number of customers. LFL gave me a heads up that Eat17 were looking for local producers – thanks to the tip my fruit cheese is now in stock at both their stores.” Hazel Griffiths, founder/owner of Fruit Magpie

“I joined London Food Link over six months ago as I was deciding to change career from consulting. It’s been a huge benefit being kept in the loop of what’s going on in the London food agenda. I’m now fully into a career change supporting a number of food projects freelance and continuing to build my skills and knowledge through the information and support LFL shares.” Justine Fish

London Food Link: This is the umbrella for all of Sustain's initiatives in London. Our work includes helping to influence local government policy, hands-on food growing training, running sessions for public sector caterers, creating guidance for independent eateries and food producers, public awareness campaigns, and joining the dots between people around specific food issues. The LFL supporter network is open to everyone who grows, produces, teaches, peddles, promotes and simply enjoys good food in the capital.

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