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Roots to Work: The Urban Apiculturist

The Jellied Eel picks up the buzz from founder and keeper Dale Gibson.

Why the fascination with bees?
Honeybees are such gentle, industrious creatures. And they make mankind’s original luxury item: honey, unchanged in 80 million years.

How is there space in London for bees to forage?
There's a fragile equilibrium between our dense urban bee population (there are over 3,000 hives in a 10-mile radius of Bermondsey Street alone) and available forage. We work closely with urban greening charities and community groups to plant substantial, enduring forage, and would encourage everyone who has their own bees to get digging and planting too.

How can I get started?
Join your local beekeeping association. Discover whether you like working with bees and learn to be a good beekeeper before you get your own hives.

What is the one thing you wished you knew before venturing into beekeeping?
As every beekeeper will tell you, bees are full of surprises - they don’t read the same books that we do!  

Any predictions as to how the honey industry might grow in the future?
Consumers will come to shun mass-produced, de-natured supermarket syrup and cherish small batch, raw artisanal honey, much as they do with bread, olive oil and chocolate.

Bermondsey Street Bees is a London Food Link supporter. Portrait by Miles Willis for The Jellied Eel

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Published 19 Jun 2017

London Food Link: This is the umbrella for all of Sustain's initiatives in London. Our work includes helping to influence local government policy, hands-on food growing training, running sessions for public sector caterers, creating guidance for independent eateries and food producers, public awareness campaigns, and joining the dots between people around specific food issues. The LFL supporter network is open to everyone who grows, produces, teaches, peddles, promotes and simply enjoys good food in the capital.

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