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Community food projects

Children gardeningLocal food projects have great potential for improving the lives of all those who participate in them. At the most basic level, food projects help address problems of physical and economic access to food. In many places the poorest have to pay high prices for even basic foodstuffs because good shops are few and far between, and good quality fresh foods become unaffordable luxuries. The reality is that people have to pay bills and rent before buying fruit. Local food projects offer the chance of obtaining good food at low cost: whether ready prepared, as in food provision or cafes; raw ingredients through food co-ops or gardens; or improving skills and confidence to try new foods or dishes through 'cook and eat' sessions.

In practice 'food projects' are about more than just food. They function best when nutritional advice, cooking skills or food provision are placed in a context or setting that local people can identify with. Food projects adopt a variety of approaches and differ in terms of management structures and organisation. Projects vary in their degree of professional and local involvement, and most also include non-food-related activities, such as providing advice.

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Sauce Toolkit: The online social enterprise toolkit for community food projects.

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