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Land of Milk and Money? A briefing on the dairy system and reform of dairy policies

The dairy industry is economically significant so, as a result, is also politically powerful. This report shows that, despite widely differing amounts of money - spent on different systems to support the dairy industry - measures are nor benefiting dairy farmers, particularly those in the UK, and smaller, family dairy farms throughout the world. The effects are also largely negative for poor farmers in poor countries, the environment, public health and for animal welfare. The report concludes with proposals for a better dairy industry.




PART 1: The UK, EU and world dairy industry
International trade
Cost of production

PART 2: The Common Agricultural Policy Dairy Regime and other support systems
How the CAP 'works'
Exporting the surplus production
Imports are restricted
Changes to the Dairy Regime
How would these proposals affect a farm?
How would these proposals affect consumers and taxpayers?
What are the other potential effects of the proposed reforms?

PART 3: The dairy industry: the case for reform
Farming futures and why the UK is having such a bad time
Unfair on the poor
Making the system fair
Environmental effects of dairy production
Milk swaps, transport and Feed miles
A green agenda for reform
Health and the dairy industry
What fat?
Nutrition transition
Food contamination
Other risks to health from dairy production methods
A healthy reason to reform the CAP
Animal Welfare: All is not well for the cow

Part 4: Life with and without subsidies: Policy approaches in other parts of the world
Life without subsidies: The New Zealand approach
The effect on consumers, the environment and producers
A summary of the US support system
A summary of the Canadian system

PART 5: What needs to change and how
Are the current MTR proposals enough?
Is a more liberalised approach the answer?
How a new system could work
How would these proposals address the problems?
What would it cost?
Additional Measures


Land of Milk and Money? A briefing on the dairy system and reform of dairy policies
ISBN: 1 903060 26 5 - 38pp - 2003 | 352Kb


Published Wednesday 1 January 2003

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ISBN: 1 903060 26 5 - 38pp - 2003


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