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Soy no more: Breaking away from soy in UK pig and poultry farming

The over production of soy in the Global South is a key driver of deforestation – and almost 90% of the soy that the UK imports goes to animal feed – mainly for feeding chickens in intensive units and pigs on large-scale holdings.


If we want to build a more environmentally just, globally conscious and resilient food system we need to eliminate soy from our animal feed supply chains.

But what would this look like on practice? What are the alternatives? What would the impact on land-use be? How can we avoid food-feed competition? And how would we need to adjust our diets to accommodate these changes?

This report – a collaboration with Sustain, Feedback, Hodmedod and Pasture for Life – answers these questions and outlines key policy recommendations to support the transition away from soy.

Soy no more: Breaking away from soy in UK pig and poultry farming
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Published Friday 23 June 2023

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