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There are many ways to connect with Real Bread Campaign supporters and our wider supporter network.

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You don't need to be a baker to join the Real Bread Campaign!

For details of why and how to become a supporter of the only organisation dedicated to fighting for better bread and finding ways to make it better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet, click here

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The Real Bread Finder is the only dedicated online directory of local supplies of the real thing. If you bake what we define as Real Bread, click here so we can help you to help people find it.

Virtual bread

The Internet makes it easier than ever to make contact with people around Britain (and the world) who share your interests, passions and concerns. Connect with Real Bread Campaign supporters and the Campaign coordinator at:

Media queries

The Real Bread Campaign is the organisation leading the way in championing many bread-related interests in the UK including:

Media contact
The Campaign's coordinator Chris Young is happy to answer questions on these issues, the Campaign and anything else bread-related, really.

Sustain is only able to staff the Campaign on a part time basis and to help manage is time effectively Chris prefers to be contacted by email. chris [at]

If your media query needs an urgent answer (ie same day), then you can contact Chris by phone on 0203 5596 777.

Chris can also be found loitering around Twitter

Helping us to help you
Ours is a small charity with limited resources. If we are able to help you with your work, then please help us with ours by always crediting the Real Bread Campaign and where possible including a link to

Media releases
If you would like to receive selected media releases about our work, please drop chris a line and include details of the publication/programme for which you work and your area(s) of interest (e.g. food, health, environment, community).

You might also be interested in some of our Real Bread images on flickr. Many are subject only to a Creative Commons share-alike license but please contact us if you have any rights questions. if you need a print resolution version of these, Chris can help.

Help us

Professional bakers

Beyond the all-important baking bit, have you done any of the following in the name of the Real Bread Campaign but haven’t yet let us know the details?

If so, please drop us an email to let us know the details so we can use your story to help inspire more bakers to follow suit.

If not done any of these things, would you like to?

Everyone else

As well as becoming a Campaign supporter and baking and buying Real Bread, could you support the cause in other ways?

  • We need help from baking colleges and tutors to get Real Bread skills training into professional courses.
  • We would be happy to hear from anyone who can lend support in kind in the form of photography, animation, video clips, printing leaflets, t-shirts, cards etc. to help illustrate and share Real Bread skills and to promote the campaign
  • If you are a journalist/writer, would you be interesting in donating an article for our magazine or website?

We'd also love to hear from people who are already working towards the same aims as the Real Bread Campaign.  To help us learn from your experiences and share your knowledge with others, we especially would like to hear from you if you are doing any of the following:

  • Involved with any form of Community Supported Baking, co-operative or not-for-profit bakery or bread scheme
  • Have Real Bread at the heart of your organisation's work, such as teaching bread making for its therapeutic values or as a life skill for people who find themselves marginalised - e.g. ex-offenders or people with physical or mental health issues.

If this sounds like you, please email us: realbread [at]


Please have a look around this site as answers to the majority of questions that we're asked are here somewhere. Our search facility is designed to help you find them.

If you still have bready questions, our supporters are often the best people in the country to answer them. To find ways of making contact with them, click here.

If you still need to contact the Campaign coordinator, please email:

realbread [at]

NB at present our charity is only able to staff the Campaign on a part time basis, so please bear in mind that replies might take a few days.


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