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Ida Fabrizio joined Sustain in August as a part-time project officer to undertake the Orchards project, funded by Leader+.

Sixty per cent of UK apple orchards have been lost since 1970, and losses of traditional orchards may be even higher. The aim of the Orchards project is to help reverse this trend, and to conserve and bring into sustainable management traditional orchards in six Leader+ funded areas. At the local level, Leader+ funded and supported activities will be based on locally agreed priorities to keep traditional orchards as part of the local landscape and economy and enjoyed by local people.

On a national level Sustain will facilitate the network of these local projects to promote mutual support, information exchange and dissemination of successful case studies, which will be included in a good practice guide at the end of the project. The project runs from August 2006 to December 2007.


Orchards Project: During 2006 and 2007, Sustain worked on a national orchard project with Leader+ (European Union funded programme of rural development) to conserve and bring into sustainable management traditional orchards in 6 Leader+ funded areas: Hereford Rivers; Somerset Levels & Moors; Teinbridge; North West Devon; Mid Kent, and Cumbria Fells & Dales.

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