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Labelling for sustainability update 2009

Summer 2009

The Food Ethics Council has completed the briefing, commissioned by Sustain, on how a ‘water footprint’ of food might be communicated to consumers. The report Water labels on food: issues and recommendations, proposes a water stewardship approach. Read the press release / Download the report


Spring 2009

The Food Ethics Council has started on its work, commissioned by Sustain to investigate how the ‘water footprint’ of food might be communicated to consumers. Water scarcity is now a fast-emerging sustainability problem across the globe, which Sustain wish to reflect in our multi-criteria ‘flower’ label for food.

A law student on work placement is also currently working on a “food facts” style report on food labelling, which will focus on our multi-criteria ‘flower’ label for food. The FEC work will inform the water section and the report, which we hope will be completed by the summer, will form part of Sustain's planned redesign of this sustainable food labelling webpage.

Labelling for sustainability: Sustain has worked on nutrition and sustainability labelling issues since the alliance was established in 1999.

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