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Labelling for sustainability

Labelling for sustainability 

Sustain has worked on labelling issues since the alliance was established in 1999. These pages record recent activity on this issue. Use the links on the menu to find out more.

Labelling Matters

Sustain warmly welcomes the 'Labelling Matters' campaign. This brings together Compassion in World Farming, RSPCA, Soil Association, and World Society for the Protection of Animals. They are campaigning for all meat and dairy products sold in the European Union to be clearly and honestly labelled to show the farm system used to rear the animal. Labelling is an important way to allow people to play their part in raising standards of farm animal welfare. The Labelling Matters Campaign promotes method of production labelling, which already exists on eggs, as the best way for consumers to answer the simple question, 'How was this animal kept?'

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Labelling for sustainability

Sustain has worked on nutrition and sustainability labelling issues since the alliance was established in 1999.

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