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Grab 5! Training

Training courses from Grab 5!

Below is a summary of four training courses that Sustain has developed as part of the Grab 5! Project. In each instance it is up to the local partners to organise and run the training events and cover costs. Logistic to organise include advertising the event, recruiting participants, liasing with local partners who may be involved and arranging the facilities for the day. Costs include venue hire, food (and possibly accommodation) for participants, photocopying of handouts.


Course 1: How to run Grab 5! in your area/school

Downloadable materials to support course 1
(as Word files)

Checklist and facilitators notes

Draft agenda

Evaluation form

Ice breaker - find someone who...


Quiz answers

Schools handouts

Letter template

A one day course for members of the school community designed to give them the information, motivation and confidence to set up and run a whole school, healthy eating project.

Who to invite:
Two or three individuals from schools that have decided to adopt a whole school healthy eating project including the head teacher, teaching staff, support staff, governors, catering staff and parents, Local Healthy Schools coordinator, School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme coordinator, school meal providers, community dietitian, oral health specialist, community group members and others working with schools on the promotion of food and healthy eating.

What the agenda will cover:

  • The importance of healthy eating, in particular fruit and vegetable consumption
  • A whole school approach (why and how to adopt a whole school approach)
  • Examples of practical healthy eating activities for schools, eg fruit tuck shops, tasting, growing clubs (how they can be planned and implemented)
  • The role of school food policies
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Local support (how local partners may support schools)

Who to involve on the day:
Any local organisations that are able to support schools on food initiatives, e.g. Healthy Schools, school meal providers, health promotion, school nurses, community groups


Course 2: School lunches

Downloadable materials to support course 2
(as Word files)

Sample agenda

A half day course for school cooks exploring ways to encourage children to choose the healthy options at lunch time.

Who to invite:
School cooks

What the agenda will cover:

  • The importance of the school meal in terms of healthy eating
  • Best practice shared by school cooks
  • A food demonstration

Who to involve on the day:
The school meal providers, the local Healthy Schools programme and a dietitian.


Course 3: School catering

A half day course for head teachers and governors looking at the current school catering position and the role and responsibilities schools have in meal provision.

Who to invite:
Head teachers and school governors

What the agenda will cover:

  • The legal responsibility for school meals
  • Delegation of budgets
  • Options for provision
  • The elements of contract: conditions, specification, pricing schedule
  • Good practice


Course 4: Schools meals and sustainable food

Who to invite:A half day course for school meal providers and council catering teams exploring the opportunities for getting sustainable food (eg. local and organic) into school meals.

Head teachers, school governors, council catering teams, members and contracts managers, councillors.

What the agenda will cover:

  • The case for sustainable food
  • The national and local situation for school meals
  • Opportunities for procuring more sustainable food
  • Examples of good practice

Grab 5!: In June 2000, Sustain secured a grant of £650,000 from the National Lotteries Charities Board to be spread over three years, for 'a project to promote fruit and vegetables consumption amongst 7-11 year olds, with a focus on low income families'.

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