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Grab 5! logoGrab 5! - Promoting fruit and vegetables to primary school children
It is now well documented that eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day can help protect against coronary heart disease and some cancers. People in the UK, however, consume less fruit and vegetables than consumers in many other EU countries, with average intakes of barely 3 portions a day. Grab 5! was a Sustain project that focused on tackling the main obstacles to increased consumption, namely the acceptability, accessibility and affordability of fruit and vegetables.

The project has now ended, but we continue to encourage people to use the materials and approaches it developed. Project materials are available on these archive pages and are free to download.

Frequently Asked Questions and where to go for information from Grab 5!

Q:Our school is running a health week.  Where can I get some healthy eating promotional materials from, such as posters and leaflets?
A: The following page in the Grab 5! Action Pack - - lists organisations that provide food related curriculum materials and healthy eating posters, leaflets, stickers etc.

  We would like to invite someone in to school to speak about healthy eating and food.  Who should we contact?
A:  The following may be able to help with local contacts:

  • Your local Healthy Schools coordinator (see
  • Your local Primary Care Trust and/or health promotion team (see, Yellow Pages). 
  • Your local School Fruit and Vegetable Coordinator (see 
  • Someone from a local food business, such as a chef, farmer or food shop owners.

  How can we start a Grab 5! Project in our school?
A: The best place to start is to look at the steps suggested in the Grab 5! Action Pack -

  We want to make changes to our school meal provision.  Can you give us some suggestions on where to start?
A:  Look at the suggestions on and

  We would like to develop a school food policy.  Can you help?
A:  Grab 5! has a model school food policy for schools to use and adapt.  See

  How can we promote healthy packed lunches?
A:  See the suggestions on

We would like use more locally produced food in school.  Where can we go?
A:  See the suggestions on

  Where can I find information about setting up ?

A breakfast club

A healthy tuck shop

A cooking club

A growing vegetables club

A playground market 

  How else can we take action to improve children's food and food education?

A:  Support the Children's Food Campaign! Follow the links by clicking on the logo below.

Grab 5!: In June 2000, Sustain secured a grant of £650,000 from the National Lotteries Charities Board to be spread over three years, for 'a project to promote fruit and vegetables consumption amongst 7-11 year olds, with a focus on low income families'.

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