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Are you working locally to address food poverty? Interested to collaborate with other like-minded organisations?

Membership with Food Power is open to a wide variety of UK food poverty alliances, whether you've been working as an alliance for many years, are just starting to come together or somewhere in between.  By ‘food poverty alliance’, we mean a partnership or consortium of organisations (ideally drawn from across the public, faith, voluntary and community sectors) who commit to working together to tackle food poverty in a given geographical area.

To be eligible for membership, your alliance must meet the following criteria:

  • The food poverty alliance is based in the UK.
  • At least 3 organisations or partners are involved in the alliance.
  • The alliance has a set of agreed aims or is working towards this.
  • The alliance has given approval to register with Food Power.
  • There is no other food poverty alliance covering the same geographical area (to the best of your knowledge).

Members of the programme can attend Food Power events, be part of regional peer learning networks, join webinars and access financial support and resources, as well as advice from the Food Power team and other alliances.

If your alliance isn’t yet able to meet the criteria above, we would be very happy to offer advice on the first steps of bringing partners together. Please contact Simon for further information or if you have any questions about the criteria.

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Food Power works with local communities across the UK to strengthen their ability to reduce food poverty and tackle its root causes.

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