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Food Legacy pledge supporters

The organisations listed below have already achieved impressive steps to improve the healthiness and sustainability of the food they serve, and have pledged to work actively on improving further. They are publicly supporting the Food Legacy programme to inspire more restaurants, caterers, hospitality organisations and events organisers to get involved. Click on the logos to read case studies. Please join in! Contact the Food Legacy programme on, tel: 0203 5596 777.

15 Hatfields BaxterStorey City University London Restaurants 'adopt a plot' to support community food growers The Clerkenwell Kitchen Eden Caterers Feng Sushi GLA Group Brockley Market - the first market to sign up to a Food Legacy pledge
 Wenlock Community Herb Garden sells herbs to restaurants Cathedral caterer sources food from local and ethical suppliers  Goldsmiths University of London LEAF Marque food served in city institutions Community-grown Hackney salad sold to restaurants Greenwich Kitchen University of Greenwich Restaurants support Salop market garden's disabled growers Islington Council adopts a Healthier Catering Commitment for football caterers
University of Winchester Wahaca Vacherin Restaurant Associates use sustainable fish Busy Bees nurseries adopt Food for Life standards Central Street  Cookery School Plan ZHeroes help businesses donate food waste to charity Best Before project redistributes good food

Public sector institutions

“In December 2010, the GLA group launched its Sustainable Food Procurement Commitment, based on the London 2012 Food Vision. The Commitment forms part of our Responsible Procurement programme, and builds on our existing work to improve the social, environmental and economic welfare of London and Londoners. We recognise the important role that food and catering procurement can play in improving prospects for farmers and small businesses, environmental standards of farming and food production, and the welfare of farm animals. We are also committed to serving healthier options and helping to improve the health and well-being of our staff and of Londoners. We are delighted to see that more caterers and food outlets are getting involved through the Food Legacy programme and the various support services it promotes.”
Tim Rudin, Responsible Procurement Manager, GLA Group [read more...]
"As a part of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), we have a strong commitment to buying food that is healthier, safer and sustainably sourced. Our rigorous procurement policy means that all our suppliers - including our principle food supplier Eden Catering  -  share our approach to sustainability, support the environment and invest in ethical practice for example by purchasing meat and dairy which has been produced to a high level of animal welfare. We strongly support the food legacy initiative, and look forward to working with the Food Legacy programme to encourage all organisations to adopt high standards of sustainability."
Warren Campbell, General Manager of 15Hatfields (part of CIEH) [read more...]

Universities and colleges 

"As London's Global University, University College London in partnership with the caterer Chartwells, is delighted to be able to support the Food Legacy programme, continuing the College's commitment to sustainable catering following implementation of the Sustainable Fish City pledge earlier this year. This programme, challenging and exciting as it is, strengthens our existing environmental commitments and will make a very real difference to food sustainability at UCL and across London."
Ian Wright, Soft Services Manager, University College London (UCL)
"We are proud to support to the Food Legacy programme in serving local, healthy, ethical and sustainable food to our students, staff and visitors. This campaign compliments the University’s commitment to sustainable initiatives and achievements. We reached 5th place in the recent Green League for institutions of higher education and have achieved a Bronze award Food for life Catering Mark."
Barry Palmer, Head of Catering & Conference Services at University of Greenwich [read more...]
“City University London is delighted to support the Food Legacy programme as part of our ongoing commitment to provide healthy and sustainable food for all our students, staff and visitors. Campaigns such as this offer the ideal framework and support for helping organisations like ours ensure that environmental, ethical and social factors are considered in the procurement of food products.  We look forward to doing our bit towards helping London achieve a lasting food legacy from the London 2012 Games.”
Dawn White, Environmental Officer, City University London [read more...]
"The University of Winchester Catering Department is pleased to be supporting the Food Legacy programme. We are committed to increasing awareness of sustainable practices by supporting local ethical suppliers and nationally by encouraging and supporting initiatives on sustainability and healthy eating."
Dave Morton, Catering Manager, University Of Winchester [read more...]
"Chartwells catering is proudly working alongside Goldsmiths, University of London in support of the Food Legacy programme to ensure we provide a healthy and sustainable food offer to staff and students at the college.”
Charlie Hudson, General Manager for Chartwells, working with Goldsmiths University of London [read more...]


 “Quality food needs the best ingredients and we have this in abundance throughout the UK. You can find the most amazing produce without even venturing outside of the M25! Supporting the Food Legacy programme has been an easy decision for BaxterStorey to take. Ethical and sustainable local sourcing, supporting the British agriconomy and a focus on freshly cooked, seasonal food have been the very building blocks of our business since it began 10 years ago. We also invest heavily in our training initiatives such as our Chef’s Academy and Barista Academy, so we can constantly up-skill our Chef’s to make best use of our great British produce. Those of us working in the food service sector all have an important role to play in promoting sustainability and supporting British farmers.” 
Alastair Storey, Chairman of BaxterStorey (Caterers for the London 2012 media centre) [read more...]
"Greenwich Kitchen is a catering business owned by Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency (GCDA). GCDA has been delivering projects across London since 2002 to support access to and production of healthy, more sustainable food. Greenwich Kitchen produces healthy, nutritious food using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.  Our menus are based on Sustain's seven principles of sustainability and are therefore designed to be low-carbon, using only high quality outdoor reared meat, sustainable fish, fairly-traded products including tea, coffee, rice, pulses and seasonal and local fruit and vegetables. We have recently signed up to the Sustainable Fish City pledge. We source all our dry good from co-operatives. We are passionate about health and sustainability but believe this will only enhance taste and quality and will never compromise costs. We are delighted to see the launch of the Food Legacy programme, which will inspire us to continue to strive towards more sustainable and healthy food and hopefully more and more catering organisations will join us."
Claire Pritchard, Director, Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency and member of the London Food Board [read more...]
“We have to remember “We are what we eat!” and the Food Legacy programme raises the bar. Eden Caterers wholeheartedly support and the pledges to serve healthy and sustainable food. Well done all at Food Legacy.”
Hugh Walker, Managing Director, Eden Caterers [read more...]


"For The Clerkenwell Kitchen, being a sustainable company is absolutely central to our ethos. We are passionate about the quality of produce that we use and know that highest quality comes from small-scale and artisan producers who share our commitment to traditional farming methods, animal welfare and fair trade. We have found working in this way extremely rewarding and have created over the years an amazing network of like-minded producers, suppliers and contractors who share our values. It is very exciting that the London 2012 Food Vision is focusing on ethical and sustainable food production from producer to plate. It will be an extremely valuable resource in helping people to make the right choices and allow smaller companies already doing great work in this area to promote what they do."
Emma Miles, Co-founder, The Clerkenwell Kitchen [read more...]
"Feng Sushi is passionate about promoting seasonal ingredients and UK produce. We believe foods in season contain all the right nutrients and minerals that our body needs at particular times of the year. In keeping with the Food Legacy programme's aims, we are also committed to serving the finest food with the least possible impact on the environment - from our eco-friendly packaging to a friendly cycling delivery service. Our motto is: eat healthily, tread lightly...."
Silla Bjerrum, Managing Director, Feng Sushi [read more...]
"As workplace caterers we are often providing our customers with their main meal of the day and can be feeding regulars 10 or more times a week. It is important for us to be providing healthy choices as well as using healthy cooking practices behind the scenes and to educate our customers as to what foods are healthy, seasonal and sustainable. The Food Legacy is a fantastic initiative to focus our efforts on the key issues and to inspire other caterers to improve the health and sustainability of the food they provide."
Phil Roker, owner and caterer, Vacherin [read more...]
"From the moment Wahaca was first conceived, we realised that, like the Mexican markets that inspired us, we wanted to make a positive and lasting impact on people's tastebuds, while minimising the negative impact on our local community and surroundings. We have always seen the benefit of operating as a sustainable business, not just through offering healthy and sustainable food, but also in how our restaurants are built, fitted out and environmentally assessed. We take Mexican-inspired dishes and source them as locally and ethically as possible. We believe that the finest meat comes from animals that have lived a healthy, happy life and have been treated well so we only buy from farms that we trust. We were one of the first restaurants in the UK to pass an audit by the Marine Stewardship Council and to stock their approved fish on our menu. We're pleased to support the new London's Food Legacy programme and hope that it will encourage more restaurants achieve the vision of creating a healthy and sustainable food legacy from the London 2012 Games. As for the London 2012 Games themselves, we will be supporting Mexico in the wrestling and England in the track and field."
Oli Ingham, Wahaca Mexican restaurant [read more...]

Sign up to the Food Legacy pledge. By signing and returning this pledge, you will be committing your organisation to take steps to serve healthy and sustainable food, and helping to inspire others to join in.

Food Legacy: The campaign, launched October 2011, is inspired by the London 2012 Food Vision adopted by the organisers of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Food Legacy asks caterers, restaurants, event organisers and hospitality organisations to commit publicly to taking steps to improve the healthiness, ethics and sustainability of the food they serve.

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