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Sign up to the Food Legacy pledge

Please note that the Food Legacy project is not currently active.

The Food Legacy pledge asks caterers, restaurants, event organisers and hospitality organisations to commit publicly to taking steps to improve the healthiness, ethics and sustainability of the food they serve.

  • If you are a caterer or work in hospitality, you can make a valuable contribution by signing up to the pledge and committing to providing your customers with healthy and sustainable food.
  • If you work for an organisation that buys in a catering service - for example, an employer, institution or an event organiser - you can also help. Sign the Food Legacy pledge yourself - sending a strong signal to your food suppliers that healthy and sustainable food is the best way forward.

What actions does the Food Legacy pledge cover?

The Food Legacy pledge asks you to work with the Food Legacy programme to celebrate what you have already achieved but also - very importantly - to make a public commitment to what specific steps you will take next, to improve the health, ethics and sustainability of the food you serve. Specific commitments will vary depending on the size and type of business, agreed in discussion with the Food Legacy programme. We will also be able to direct you to specialist support services if you need help turning pledges into action (listed on our join up page).

Don't be put off by the long list below! Get in touch and we can talk through what is appropriate for your organisation. The following are the ambitions we would like you to consider, inspired by the London 2012 Food Vision:

Commitment, based on the London 2012 Food Vision and procurement code Links for more details
Menus designed to reflect the best of British and seasonal food. Fruit, vegetables, salads and cereal crops produced to at least Red Tractor Farm Assured standard or equivalent, with a growing proportion of LEAF Marque, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified food over time.

farm assured food 

local and seasonal food

environmentally friendly food

Bananas, tea, coffee, chocolate and sugar Fairtrade certified, with a growing proportion of Fairtrade certified products over time. And adoption of fair terms of trade, such as transparent payment terms and prompt payment to suppliers. fair trade food
Dairy products (except cheese) produced to at least Red Tractor Farm Assured standard, with traditional British cheeses such as cheddar made from British milk, with a growing proportion of Organic certified dairy (including cheese) over time.

farm assured food 

environmentally friendly food

All eggs from free-range production. animal welfare

Meat and poultry produced to at least Red Tractor Assured standard or equivalent, with a growing proportion from production systems supporting higher animal welfare and higher environmental standards, such as RSPCA Freedom Food certified, free-range and Organic certified.

farm assured food 

animal welfare 

All fish demonstrably sustainable, working to the London 2012 Food Vision definition (also promoted and supported by the Sustainable Fish City campaign). sustainable fish 
Adoption and implementation of healthy catering guidelines (as championed by the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health) including basing main meals on wholegrain food and fruit and vegetables; reducing fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt; and offering and promoting vegetarian and vegan options. good food for good health
Adoption and implementation of a food waste reduction strategy, as championed in the Food Waste Hierarchy being promoted by ‘Feeding the 5,000’ and the Greater London Authority. reducing food waste

Promotion of training in health and sustainability for all relevant staff. This may include, for example, managers, chefs, kitchen staff, baristas, procurement staff, cleaners, waiters and front-of-house staff.

good food training
Adoption and implementation of the Living Wage, to help low-income workers provide a decent life for themselves and their families. living wage
Adoption and implementation of a "safe food culture". safe food

Our links pages also contain information on reducing energy and reducing water use.

Note: For public sector caterers, we can direct you to specialist support and help with wording that works within EU public procurement law.

Download the Food Legacy pledge [word_version / pdf_version]. Please also get in touch to discuss your involvement and the type of support you might need to turn pledges into action, email: or call Food Legacy on 0203 5596 777.


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