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Like shooting fish in a barrel (2005)

FishThe report outlines the health pros and cons of eating fish, summarises the environmental damage caused by both industrial fishing and fish farming, and lays bare the contradictions in government policy at both UK and EU level.

"Government policy is all at sea.  One government Agency is telling people to eat more fish, because it’s good for their health.  The same Agency is issuing health warnings, because some fish are too contaminated for pregnant women to eat.  At European level, the EU knows that the North Sea fisheries - and others - are on the brink of collapse, but doesn’t have will to put the public interest first, behind vested interests.  We are looking to Blair’s EU Presidency to tackle the Common Fisheries Policy that pretends to conserve endangered fish stocks, while subsidising super-trawlers that wreak environmental havoc.”  Ben Wielgosz - 2005

The report concludes with a unique consumer fish guide, based on seven authoritative sources so that consumers don’t have to choose between fish that is healthy OR sustainable (or neither), but can choose both.  Unfortunately, many fish and seafood choices are off the menu, as stocks are dangerously low, are caught unsustainably, and/or are contaminated.

Sustainable Fish CitySustain's main work on sustainable fish is now the Sustainable Fish City campaign.

See: for more details.

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 Download 'Shooting Fish' and other titles from the Food Facts series

Food Facts: A series of short reports on over a dozen different products, shows how people's shopping choices - as well as government policy - can protect the environment, enhance social justice and improve health.


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