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This page gives an archive of Sustain's activities on Real Bread and other closely related work. We are pleased to report that this work has now developed into The Real Bread Campaign, which has its own website: or contact

Summer 2008

The second meeting of the Real Bread campaign went ahead on 16 July.  Attended by a wide range of interested parties, from bakers to NGOs, the meeting agreed a definition of Real Bread and agreed to launch the campaign in November.  A source of funding for the launch was also identified.

Work on the campaign is currently being undertaken by volunteers supervised by Richard, and further funding to appoint a project officer is currently being sought.  The group of people who have now attended two planning meetings could constitute a putative working party for a Real Bread campaign project.  We continue to be grateful to Andrew Whitely for his work on the Real Bread campaign.

Spring 2008

Real Bread Campaign
Following the meeting with interested parties in November, Sustain has been working with Andrew Whitley of Bread Matters on developing this campaign, which has already received some publicity in The Guardian.  We have recruited two excellent interns, Cerys Jones and Elin Israelsson, to work on this project, who are developing a “real bread finder” database for a website. 
We are also drafting a campaign plan, working on a robust definition of real bread drafted by Andrew Whitley, and looking for funding to allow us to develop the campaign more rapidly.  There will be another meeting of interested parties towards the end of May to agree the definition of Real Bread and decide on the next steps for this work.

Organic heroes
The Real Bread Campaign's Andrew Whitley was chosen as one of the "top 5 organic heroes of all time" by Times Online. See the article online.

Schumacher College slow bread course
Andrew Whitley will be teaching on a course at Schumacher Colllege in Devon, 17 to 21 November. This course brings together two champions of real food. Participants will focus on the art of baking real bread and link this with a discussion on the ways our food system needs to be changed. Andrew Whitley will teach bread-making skills and explore with participants the ways in which a return to small-scale production would be beneficial. With Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food Movement, participants will look at broader food production issues within the context of the aims of Slow Food. The course is entitled: Real Food, Slow Food: Championing sustainable food and further details can be found on the Schumacher College course webpage.

Winter 2007-08

Real Bread Campaign
On 13 November, Sustain's policy director Kath Dalmeny worked with Andrew Whitley of Bread Matters to convene a roundtable meeting – exploring the proposal to launch a Real Bread Campaign. It was a well-attended meeting – with 25 representatives from campaign organisations, health groups, agronomy, artisan bakeries and large-scale organic bakeries and millers. Andrew gave an inspiring presentation on the need for a Real Bread Campaign. The lively discussion which followed was chaired by Kath and inspired a number of campaign ideas.

Sustain undertook to recruit and manage a volunteer to start to develop campaign activities. Kath developed a job description, advertised for this voluntary post in December, and received several promising applications, so work should start shortly.

Chatham House review of wheat
Chatham House is undertaking a review and 'scenario planning' for the dairy and wheat sectors, the latter of which may be relevant to the emerging Real Bread Campaign. The campaign's volunteer, when appointed, may wish to get involved. The next stage is a two-day workshop in Stoneleigh, with which Tim Lang of the Centre for Food Policy (and Sustain's former chair) will be attending.

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