Ordering tips for box schemes

  • Try to ensure there is a variety of different types of vegetables e.g. root vegetables, leafy greens, squashes, salads, and lots of different colours.
  • Most veg box schemes try to include between 8 and 10 different varieties of vegetables in a large box.
  • Decide your position on potatoes! Many boxes always include potatoes, and other standards like onions and carrots, but all the other items should vary from one week to the next. A few veg box schemes specifically offer a 'no potatoes' option.
  • Always try to include at least one bulky item such as cauliflower or cabbage every week to fill up the box. But try not to put the same item in several weeks in a row.
  • Try to balance the amount of affordable varieties (such as cabbage, carrots, potatoes) with more expensive items such as runner beans or soft fruits.
  • Some items are sold per item or per bunch and some will need to be weighed, so if possible try to offer a majority of items that do not need weighing to save time when packing.
  • Some people will not like more unusual items such as chard or celeriac, and may not know what to do with them. It's a good idea to not put them in every week, and when you do, include a recipe or some information about how to cook them.

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