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Thomas Fletcher, ambassador

Thomas Fletcher, GreenCook food waste ambassador

Thomas Fletcher, GreenCook food waste ambassadorThomas Fletcher is a member of the GreenCook Ambassadors network of food professionals, coordinated in the UK by Ethical Eats. The Ambassadors have a wealth of knowledge about the industry and how to create more sustainable dishes and help curb food waste. They explore in practice some of the findings of the tools and research developed by the transnational GreenCook project.

Thomas Fletcher is the founder of Rejuce, a London based smoothie and juice company which processes waste from London's wholesale markets into smoothies and juices which he sells around London.

Thomas has built a business by re-using, re-directing and re-cycling food surpluses from local markets and supermarkets by bicycle: transporting and transforming it into healthy eco-friendly juices, soups and smoothies.

Read about Tom's Rejuce enterprise in his local Hackney Citizen newspaper.

Each year over 400,000 tonnes of fresh, nutritious fruit and veg is wasted by the retail industry - cast aside and left to rot in expensive landfill sites. That’s the equivalent of 2.7 billion juicy Granny Smith apples. As Thomas explains, "At Rejuce, we think it’s wasteful nonsense and we’re doing everything in our power to address it."
First thing every morning, the Rejuce team set out to London’s biggest food markets and rescue the finest specimens of unsold fruit. Then they cart it back to their kitchen in Hackney and juice it and cook it and then bottle the drinks in 100% compostable bottles.
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Thomas's focus as part of the GreenCook Food Waste Ambassadors network: Improving the perception of cosmetically acceptable produce

Ethical Eats: Ethical Eats ran a network of London restaurants and catering businesses that care about sustainability.

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