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Shaun Alpine-Crabtree, ambassador

Shaun Alpine-Crabtree, GreenCook food waste ambassador

Shaun Alpine-Crabtree, GreenCook food waste ambassadorShaun Alpine-Crabtree is a member of the GreenCook Ambassadors network of food professionals, coordinated in the UK by Ethical Eats. The Ambassadors have a wealth of knowledge about the industry and how to create more sustainable dishes and help curb food waste. They explore in practice some of the findings of the tools and research developed by the transnational GreenCook project.

Shaun Alpine-Crabtree is founder, owner and chef for The Table Café, one of London's top restaurants serving delicious, locally-sourced food in an attractive environment.

Shaun is committed to sustainability and a leading advocate of British ingredients and sourcing ethically and responsibly. The Table Café's suppliers include a partnership with the charity St Mungo’s and their 'Putting Down Roots' scheme that supplies herbs from allotments run by homeless people; and also family-run farms.

Shaun has been an enthusiastic and generous participant in a range of activities to promote sustainable food such as Urban Food Week and the Adopt a Plot scheme linking community food growers with local restaurants.

Shaun's previous appointments have been across several continents and at well-known food establishments such as Villandry.

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Shaun's focus as part of the GreenCook Food Waste Ambassadors network: Local sourcing, and processing glut harvests into delicious chutneys, jams and pesto

Ethical Eats: Ethical Eats ran a network of London restaurants and catering businesses that care about sustainability.

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