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Ethical Eats GreenCook Ambassadors get a taste of Holland

During 2012 and 2013, Ethical Eats was a partner in the European GreenCook programme, working to reduce food waste in the retail and catering sectors. In June 2013, Sustain coordinated a trip involving GreenCook chef ambassadors, to learn from inspiring food waste initiatives in the Netherlands. This page gives a report of the trip and what we learned.

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GreenCook ambassadors Alan Stewart and Miranda Godfrey as well as two second-year students from Westminter Kingsway catering college Rebecca and Angie went on a trip to visit the low waste Hotelschool, in the The Hague Amsterdam, a University of Hospitality Management and a member of the Leading Hotel Schools of the World network. They integrate sustainability in all the school practices from sourcing locally and introducing chefs to food growing on a local veg patch, to food waste reduction and beekeeping. Their mission statement is to “Educate and inspire awareness of sustainability”, so we had lots to talk about!

Marianne Karstens, from De Vale Ouwe, who leads the GreenCook ambassador network in the Netherlands organised the visit. Her work inspired Sustain to set up a UK GreenCook ambassadors network, of leading industry professionals keen to promote low-waste catering to their peers. At the event in the Netherlands, inspiring speakers gave presentations on themes of catering and sustainability, including:

  • Joost Vos on beekeeping and the Hotelschool vision on sustainability and food waste
  • Wouter de Heij from TOP, who wowed us with new food technology from low CO2 storage to pascalisation

We also heard from Dutch GreenCook Ambassadors:

  • Gerhard van der Broek, Patron Cuisinier from Landgoed Rhederoord, located in the east of the Netherlands on serving organic and local products.
  • Joost Kragtwijk from Kragtwijk Catering who shared his family business concept and take on sustainability and food waste management.
  • Erik te Velthuis from Papendal who talked about his focus on protein menus for high-level athletes and sports professionals.
  • Rudolf Barkhuijsen (Rijn Ijssel vocational hospitality education) who shared his hospitality school practices around ‘waste reduction.

Miranda Godfrey, GreenCook AmbassadorWe came out inspired, extremely well fed and motivated to do more. Westminster Kingsway College lecturer and UK GreenCook ambassador Miranda Godfrey said that "The Visit to Amsterdam was truly inspiring! The trip has encouraged me to apply some of the positive waste initiatives and sustainable practices into what I do at Westminster Kingsway College. The two students I took with me will help reduce our waste and encourage new and existing students into a better approach with how they prepare and cook food. Thank you to everyone for making our visit such a success!"


We subsequently worked on organising a visit for Netherlands GreenCook ambassadors to London, to show them what we are doing and keep exchanging good practices to promote sustainability and food waste reduction.


Ethical Eats: Ethical Eats ran a network of London restaurants and catering businesses that care about sustainability.

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