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Green Cook reducing food waste

GreenCook - action to tackle food waste

FoodSave: Find out about Sustain's work in 2014 to help London's food businesses reduce food waste, and to send unavoidable food waste to good purposes: 

During 2012 and 2013, Ethical Eats was a partner in the transnational GreenCook programme, working to reduce food waste in the retail, catering and domestic sectors. The programme involved partners from several European countries, working on practical, research and other initiatives, with Ethical Eats coordinating the UK participation.

As part of the GreenCook programme, Ethical Eats ran workshops for chefs and community cafes on sustainable food, including how to reduce food waste. We also supported improvements in catering training to include food waste reduction, and participating in several Awards programmes to highlight food waste reduction innovation.

Another important strand of our work as part of the GreenCook programme was to support inspirational GreenCook Food Waste Ambassadors to cultivate and celebrate food waste reduction initiatives in the industry. Click on the pictures below to find out more.

GreenCook Food Waste Ambassadors

Alan Stewart, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Caroline Bennett, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Eibhear Coyle, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Maria Elia, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador

Miranda Godfrey, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Oliver Rowe, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Sarah Moore, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Shaun Alpine-Crabtree, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador

Thomas Fletcher, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Thomasina Miers, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador Tristram Stuart, GreenCook Food Waste Ambassador GreenCook Food Waste Ambassadors

Ethical Eats: Ethical Eats ran a network of London restaurants and catering businesses that care about sustainability.

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