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Edible roof gardens

Roof gardens are beautiful, inspiring and offer a host of benefits.

They absorb water, helping to mitigate and manage urban flooding, and make our increasingly hot cities that bit cooler. They provide green oases for people, plants and wildlife; improve air quality; and insulate building occupants from heat and sound. Green roofs can also save building owners thousands of pounds - extending the life of roofing materials by preventing rapid and excessive cooling and heating, and protecting materials from harmful ultraviolet light. Roof gardens also reduce energy bills by cooling the building in summer and providing insulation in the winter.

Permaculture forest garden on RISC, UK

But perhaps most important of all, they make cities beautiful and productive. They soften the edges of our buildings and our relationships with them. They provide new places for social interaction, and for growing food locally and sustainably.

Sustain has taken an interest in plans for roof gardens to be created all over London. We welcome the new mayor Boris Johnson's commitment to roof gardens as part of London's climate change adaptation plan. With the appointment of Rosie Boycott as Boris Johnson's food advisor, who also is a supporter of hundreds of new food growing spaces in London, at ground level and on rooftops, the future looks set to be an exciting one for urban food growing in the capital.



Inspiring edible roof gardens

Sustain has been researching inspiring examples of edible (and other) roof gardens.
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Contacts for green roof information

Links and publications that may prove useful to people interested in researching or planning an edible roof garden.
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