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Make hospital food fit for purpose

Demand higher quality, healthier and responsibly produced patient meals

The Sun newspaper has exposed shocking hospital food failings, with many patient meals found to be XX XX XX . To make matters worse, the company that manufactured these ready meals is a member of the government’s influential Hospital Food Panel which will decide what standards should be applied to hospital food.

Whatever the Panel decides will affect the health of patients and will influence whether or not hospital food budgets are spent in a way that supports British farmers, local economies and makers of responsibly produced food.

Take a stand

Using our online action to email the government.

Demand that its Hospital Food Panel overrides the narrow commercial interests of its members, and makes recommendations that improve the quality, healthiness and sustainability of hospital food.

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food represents a coalition of organisations calling on the Westminster government to introduce mandatory nutritional, environmental and ethical standards for food served to patients in NHS hospitals in England. You can see a list of organisations supporting the campaign here.