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Every mouthful counts

How UK councils are tackling the climate and nature emergency through food.


Find out how councils performed on food and climate and nature in our latest report, as well as how they can unlock a good food revolution across the UK.

The UK’s target to become carbon neutral by 2050 is written into law. To achieve it, we need to slash emissions from our food system and transition large areas of farmland into nature-friendly production techniques and land management, which will draw down carbon, build healthy soil, and provide homes for wildlife.

Unfortunately, progress is currently at a snail’s pace. The UK food system has decarbonised at half the pace of the wider economy and agriculture has shown little progress in over a decade. National leadership is desperately needed, but the UK government is missing in action and has produced no comprehensive plan to tackle food-related emissions, despite research showing that a plan could improve the mitigation and adaptation contributions from food systems by up to 25 per cent.

This means that more than ever local authorities have an important role to play in creating a more healthy and sustainable food system that can help tackle climate change, support farmers in the agroecological transition, and provide delicious and nutritious food. Local authorities have shown enthusiasm to declare and create plans to tackle the climate emergency and have significant transformative power.

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Every mouthful counts
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Published Friday 4 November 2022

Food for the Planet: Food for the Planet is helping local authorities, businesses and organisations take simple actions to tackle the climate and nature emergency through food.

45pp - 2222


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