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Sustain welcomes Better Food Traders to the alliance

Building on years of collaborative work to promote fair, farmer-focused food retail, Sustain is delighted to welcome the Better Food Traders network as a member of the alliance for better food and farming.

Squash and pumpkins on a market stall. Credit: Eva Bronzini Pexels

Squash and pumpkins on a market stall. Credit: Eva Bronzini Pexels

Better Food Traders is a UK-wide network that supports and promotes ethical food retailers who sell locally grown, planet friendly food, with members including shops, online sellers, food hubs, market stalls and veg box schemes. All members are committed to selling organic and agroecological produce, and working with farmers and their local communities to create a better food system.

On joining the Sustain alliance, Better Food Traders Executive Director Julia Kirby-Smith said: 

'Better Food Traders is delighted to join the Sustain alliance as an independent organisation, now that we have spun out from our host Growing Communities. We have been a member of the Local Food Retail working group since it was established, and we are very interested in Sustain's farming and Bridging the Gap work. We are a network of some 170 food traders all over the UK, so we are strong advocates for network-building. We focus on supporting ethical retail, short supply chains and changing consumer behaviour through marketing and education - all part of the bigger picture of advocating for food system change, and for healthy, sustainable diets for all.' 

Sustain's Programmes Director Sarah Williams, who is also a voluntary member of the Better Food Traders management board, said:

“Better Food Traders are a much-needed network and although relatively new, they are already having a big impact on the food sector. We are proud to see them join the alliance, to join forces and share expertise that will ultimately drive real change on the ground in the food sector” 

Of particular interest will be the links between Better Food Traders and Sustain's work to promote Local Food Retail; initiatives that focus on Bridging the Gap to make agroecological food affordable to more communities; and our advocacy for the policy and finance that would support farmer-focused supply chains and local food infrastructure.

Traders are a vital part of the journey from field to fork, and Better Food Traders are retailers and wholesalers who prioritise working in and for their community, paying fair prices to UK farmers, and selling delicious, sustainably-grown produce. 

The Better Food Traders Network offers training, business advice, in-person and online meet-ups, help and support from other businesses, a library of resources, regular newsletters plus coordinated PR and marketing campaigns. Better Food Traders is a place to connect with other like-minded enterprises, and find all the support and tools that enterprises need to thrive.


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Published Monday 15 April 2024

Local Food Plan: Reviving local food for our communities, economies and nature

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